In 1994 I have received award of the Minister of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic for the design and implementation of the CESNET network.

I was awarded with Medal award 2016 from the Karel Vietsch Foundation. Medal of Honour is awarded on an annual basis []

In 2019 I was awarded by Medal from Rector of Masaryk University Brno for cooperation of CESNET and Masaryk University at the occasion of 100 years of establishment of the Masaryk University

It was a great honor to me to be introduced into Internet Hall of Fame in late 2021. My introduction speech is available in IHoF video archive. There is a also a blogpost about my contribution on their website.

Jan Gruntorad & Internet Hall of Fame medal

I was awarded by Czech Internet community represented with NIX.CZ, CESNET, CZ.NIC a for my long standing contribution to (not only) Czech Internet. There is a video recording from the event held November 24th 2022 available at iVysílání archive (seek to 1h 50m).